Get your custom NUfloss made today.

30 Pairs of comfortable, quick, and easy way to floss.

Custom designed to fit your dental pattern. 


Why Your Impression Matter!

Once you have receive NUfloss impression kit. Follow the instructions on how to form your unique dental pattern.

After your impression kit is completed, use the pre-paid return shipping label provided and NUfloss will take care of the rest. 

Finally, you can floss naturally with a no-commitment subscription service that mails 30 pairs of NUfloss to your door monthly.

Customized For Your

Dental Pattern.

Start Flossing In Seconds.

Why Choose NUfloss?

  • Efficient cleaning and less time consuming.

  • U-shape design to fit your mouth comfortably.

  • A handle to give you better reach and no mess.

  • Custom placed flexible floss to hit every space.

  • 30 pairs of custom NUfloss sent directly to you every month. 


Does NUfloss work for permanent retainers or bonds?

yes. but NUfloss would not put floss strings in the areas where the the bond and retainers are.

iDoes NUfloss work for people with braces?

No. Once your braces are removed NUfloss is a great resource for your smile.


Does NUfloss work for kids?

NUfloss will be providing for all ages soon. Subscribe to receive updates.


Does NUfloss work for people with dentures?

NUfloss does not at the moment.


Is NUfloss reusable?

NUfloss is a single-use product. So it's very important to recycle. NUfloss’s goal is to make a difference in the world by recycling and providing a clean smile. 


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